My PhoneSkope rig is an indispensable part of my birding kit, a natural compliment to my scope and binocular.  It is the easiest and most elegant way I’ve found to seamlessly record, document, and share my sightings!

Bill SchmokerLeica Birding Team

My motto has always been “The best camera is the one in your hand, right now”. As a result, I sold off my DSLR and big lenses years ago because I just wasn’t using them enough. Cell phones now carry excellent camera components, and when coupled with premium optics, can achieve large-print-worthy results. I have tried all of the phone adapters on the market and PhoneSkope is the one that works best for me. PhoneSkope is modular, so when I upgrade my phone, or if I decide to use one of the older Leica Televid scopes, I only need to switch out the phone chassis, or the scope tube, respectively. That reduces waste and reduces cost, two things that are very important to me. PhoneSkope has allowed me to document rarities, help me bone up on bird identification, and create lasting pieces of artwork that allow me to relive the experience each time I look at them. Thanks PhoneSkope!

David La PumaProduct SpecialistLeica Sport Optics, USA

My Phone Skope adapter has changed how often I am able to ‘get the shot’ because my phone is always on me and ready to slap on my scope. It lets me spend more time birding and observing, and less time fumbling to get a photo or video.

Drew Weber