Versatility Of The Phone Skope Neck Buff

Phoneskope Neck Buff Versatility

Are Neck Buffs Versatile?

Now and then I get one when I run a 5k, but I never do anything more creative than wearing it as a cowl around my neck and then use it to wipe up the sweat, or it becomes a cleaning rag. I’ve seen the instructions and have wondered if I have what it takes to fashion them into the many shapes and skin coverings the packaging say you can do on there. During spring and fall when the weather can have you shivering in the fog when it is in the thirties in the morning and sweating a sunny sixty degrees in the afternoon, these little doo-hickeys can be handy for covering your ears or sweeping your hair off of your neck.

The Phone Skope Neck Buff

I decided I’d try the Phone Skope neck buff and the different looks based on birds I’ve encountered in my travels and to see if it’s possible for me to follow the instructions on the package to make it work and do what it is supposed to.


Get that classy pouch look of a brown pelican.

Chili Night in a Hawk Banding

Ever have one of those mornings when you can’t get your nose warm? Or ever get stuck in a hawk banding blind with your buddy who overate chili the night before? The cowl will do the trick. Tuck in a sprig of balsam to aid with the smelly gas aroma.

Turning the Phone Skope neck buff into a hat that gives me a rounded bald head like a turkey vulture.

Neck Buff to Hat

I first attempted a basic hat, something to keep my ears warm and to keep snow off of my hair. It took me a few tries to get the twist just right, but then, the hat stayed in place and seemed to work fine for a late fall/early winter hat. I wouldn’t trust this with anything below twenty-five degrees, but for spring and fall, it would be fine.



You can use the neck cowl to tie up your hair to get that cute crested look of a Phainopepla.

Versatile Weather VS Versatile Neck Buff

Do you ever have days where it feels like you have so much  hair you can't even think? Or your morning in Arizona got hotter faster than you expected. Just use the neck buff like a scrunchie and up your hair goes, right off your neck.

When it's cold, you want to hole up like a bare-legged owl.

Neck Buff Covers Face

Maybe you want to be incognito? Maybe you want to hide as much of your face as you can? Perhaps some cold gale force winds brought in a cold front, and you need to cover as much of your face as you can. The neck buff can do the trick; it also works when you want people to leave you alone on public transit.


Get that mantling red-tailed hawk look.

Bring Out the Rock Star

Are your ears a bit frosty? Are you scanning the ground looking for owl pellets but your bangs keep falling forward? Or do you have that sudden urge to live the hair rock band lifestyle and rock a 1980s Bret Michaels look? Fold it down and slide it over your head and there you go. It can also serve you well if you’re going for that modern day Bret Michaels look too.

How have you used your neck buff?

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