Video Tips & Tactics

Phone Skope Bluetooth Shutter Button

The Phone Skope Bluetooth Shutter Button is a real game changer for digiscoping. Instead of tapping the phone screen, which causes vibration and blurry images, you take a picture with the click of a button! When using the Bluetooth Shutter Remote (or button), your images will be of much higher quality. You can also start and stop video with this remote. The Phone Skope Bluetooth Shutter Button works with most Android and Apple Devices.

Should you film in portrait or landscape mode?

Taking video with your phone is really, really fun. You can film in portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal). The orientation of your phone will depend on whether you are using the video for social media (Facebook, Instagram, or SnapChat) or on YouTube. If you are posting on Instagram, Facebook, or SnapChat, you will want to record in portrait mode. You can also film in landscape mode and format within the social app you are posting to. If you are sharing your videos on YouTube, you will want to record in landscape mode because that is better suited for the platform.

Using Auto-Focus When Digiscoping

Use auto-focus on your phone to lock the focus in on the subject you are trying to photograph or video! When your camera is open, tap and hold on the screen where you want the phone to focus, and it will lock the focus in on that exact point. You can also adjust exposure by sliding your finger up or down on the screen after you tap to focus. Both of these tips will really increase the quality of your photos and videos!

What to do with your optic adapter

This is a question we get often. "What should I do with my optic adapter?" Well, we don't want you to lose it, so we recommend leaving it on your spotting scope! You can also leave it locked into your Phone Skope Phone Case. Either way, you will want to do what is easiest for you.

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