Digiscoping with New Optics? No Problem With The Redfield Rebel 12×50 Binoculars

When it comes to digiscoping, I use a few different setups. However, there are a couple of combinations that represent my go-to arrangements. As a hunter, I typically use custom Phone Skope kits custom-made for my Vortex 12×50 binoculars and Vortex 10×25 monoculars. While the latter is perfect for bowhunting in tighter woodland spaces, the former is great for scouting more vast landscapes.

Like a lot of hunters, I occasionally come across new equipment that, at the moment, I just gotta have; arguably one of my worst habits. Late last season, I got a set of Redfield Rebel 12×50 binos. These relatively low-end binos were recommended by a friend and I just had to try them for digiscoping.

Were they a good fit? 

Of course, they were. 

Why? The answer lies largely in the fact that effective digiscoping has little to do with optic price tags. Hence, like most any set, my new Redfield binos work remarkably well when teamed with my iPhone 13 Pro via a custom Phone Skope adapter kit. Like any others, they also perform well with a Phone Skope Universal Adapter kit.

I still prefer a custom kit and luckily, for about $80, you can have a new setup. With no need for a new smartphone, I already had the Phone Skope phone case. I only needed a $35 custom optic adapter to attach my current one with the new binoculars. After a simple trip to Phone Skope’s builder page, I was in business.

If you’re not needing a new smartphone, a new Phone Skope case (left) isn’t needed. You only need a new optic adapter (right).

The good part is I’ll have this digiscoping combo for life, assuming I don’t lose any of the components. 

With the stout ABS construction, breaking any Phone Skope components isn’t an issue. 

Multiple Digiscoping Setups

Over the years I’ve learned that having the necessary components for multiple digiscoping systems pays huge dividends. For one, it provides the ability to use multiple smartphones, as well as different optics of different powers and fields of view. It also affords you the ability to always have a combo that’s ready to go afield, assuming you pack it. This includes everything from high-end optics to knock-around sets for on-the-go adventures.

Do you have a new or spare spotting scope or set of binos laying around? If they’re to your liking, don’t hesitate to augment them for digiscoping success by creating a kit for them.

Remember, whether, for thousands or less than $100, Phone Skope adapter kits don’t discriminate. They let you capture, record, and share your outdoor adventures visually. So, there was no doubt that the Redfield Rebel works nicely for my digiscoping pursuits. Likewise, the same can be said for virtually any set of new or old optics.

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