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Pyro Putty Dual Arc Rechargeable Electronic Lighter

Pyro Putty is bringing The future of fire starting to your backpack! Plasma based dual-arc technology means you do not even need a flame! This lighter will replace all of the old flimsy plastic lighters, the ones that run out of fuel or the ones that wont light. This lighter is mother nature proof! It can’t be beat by rain, snow, wind, or cold thanks to the waterproof casing. The powerful electric dual-arc beam will instantly set Pyro Putty on fire, without having to cup your hand over a flickering flame or pray you have enough fuel left. BUT! We saved the best part for last! ITS RE-CHARGEABLE! Up to 300 lights in one charge. Simply plug in a mini-usb cord and charge it back up! FINALLY! The lighter you have long waited for! THIS LIGHTER IS ANYTHING BUT DISPOSABLE.

Length - 2 5/8 Inch
Width - 2 7/8 inch
Depth - 5/8 inch

With Rain, snow and wind interrupting your hunt, don't reach for a disposable lighter. The ones that freeze up in the cold, and never light in the wind. Reach for the Pyro Putty lighter and Pyro Putty. The only combo on the market to build a survival fire within minutes.

$ 25.99

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