The No-Brainer Bundle: Phone Skope’s Harness and Connecting Loop System

If you’re a hunter or adventurer in general, you value your optics. The ability to view game animals and other outdoor treasures is paramount to success. Success can mean ultimately getting a target animal on the ground or simply capturing an outdoor moment that presents unique interest, such as lighting. 

There is gear that is made to maximize such times and encounters. However, it’s not just bows, rifles, and optics that make it possible, it’s the accessories that make them work better. A good binocular harness is one such item. Many binoculars come with a standard neck strap and, if you’re solely depending on one, you’re missing out. 

Missing out on what? You are missing out on some lightweight and inexpensive gear that improves the utility, comfort, and convenience of your binoculars. 

A Dynamic Duo

While some outdoor products are useful in their own right, sometimes greatness comes in two’s. Phone Skope offers a bundle that, along with a solid harness, includes a pair of adjustable loops that allow the binoculars to slide up and flex out while in use. This means you can easily change out your binos for other optics, such as a camera. This is achieved largely via its quick-release hooks. Needless to say, it also makes for more seamless digiscoping. The benefits are clear to any optics-toting outdoorsman or woman.

The harness system keeps your optics securely on your chest area, making for a quick reaction. Phone Skope loops would make the set up even better.

No-Flop Security

First off, having your binos firmly against your chest is a great advantage. For mobile hunters, hikers, and active birders, a harness keeps binoculars from flailing about your chest. This means you not only avoid discomfort during your treks, your optics are at the ready when a great shot presents itself. A harness also keeps you from hitting your optics against other objects. This not only avoids damage to them but minimizes wildlife-spooking noise.  

No More Pain in the Neck

Even when traversing moderate distances, binoculars create neck strain. For mobile hunters, hikers, and more aggressive bird watchers, this can cause a lot of fatigue. This is especially true for heavier binoculars. Harnesses transfer pressure and tension to the shoulders, providing more staying power in the field. 


Do you use more than one set of optics in the field? If so, this is where the Phone Skope Bino Loops come in handy. Do you like taking both optics and cameras in the field? Do you bring multiple sets of binos on your hunting or other adventures? 

Phone Skope’s bino loops are flexible, sturdy and lightweight. They make a great companion to the harness system.

If the answer is yes to either of these questions, complimenting your harness with Phone Skope’s connection loop system is a real win. For me, this comes into play in both examples. First off, I always have binoculars. However, when hunting or scouting, I prefer to take an extra pair for digiscoping, as well as a camera. This system allows me to seamlessly change between multiple optics supported by my harness via the loops. 

Both durable and flexible, the Phone Skope optics loops are also only inches in length and feather-light. Adding these loops to the mix is sensible for even the most ounce-counting adventurer. 

Get Ya Some

At only $21.99, the Phone Skope Harness and Connecting Loop Bundle System is value-added gear. Let the cross-over-the-shoulder harness design and flexible loop system take your outdoor exploits to the next level.

Features and Specs:

The bundle includes one pair of connectors and a Binocular Harness

  • No more scratches
  • Easily connect harnesses
  • Easy to hook and re-hook
  • Works with all binoculars and cameras
  • Great for free-hand digiscoping
  • Increases steadiness for viewing and capturing subjects
  • Extremely durable
  • Lightweight


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