The Phone Skope Universal Adapter: A Good Alternative and a Great Plan B

There are many opportunities to digiscope. Hunting trips, scouting days, hikes, and camping trips. Indeed, digiscoping the animals, landscapes, and people associated with these outdoor ventures is a rewarding and fun endeavor. 

There are many pluses to this mode of capturing outdoor adventure. Digiscoping is lightweight, easy, and involves taking the very item you were going to have on your person in the first place – your smartphone. For hunting and scouting, you were likely going to have your optics at the ready as well. Adding the small kit is academic at this point. 

While it’s hard to beat building a custom Phone Skope adapter kit for your smartphone and optics, Phone Skope offers a universal fitting as well – and it’s a great little piece of gear to have in your pack or pocket when you go on any outdoor adventure.  Along with the optic plate receiver, you’re ready to hit the woods with most any binoculars, monoculars, or spotting skope.

The U-2 Adapter (right), along with the optic place receiver and optics.


  • Two sizes (U-2 and U-1 Mini)
  • Ratchet-style locking mechanism for attachment to optics
  • Lightweight and small, yet durable
  • Low price-point (less than $40)
  • Universal functionality 

Here are just a few good reasons to add the universal adapter into your digiscoping fold.

Oops, I Forgot

The universal fitting is a great choice.  It’s not only an easy alternative but a good fallback plan. We strive to be organized but fall short at times. It’s not uncommon to, in haste, go on outings in disarray and when we do, gear is forgotten. Unfortunately, this can even mean accidentally leaving shells, bow releases, and headlamps at the house.  The moment we realized our folly in the field is not a fun one. As far as digiscoping goes, the universal adapter is a great item to leave in your bag or vehicle for those dreaded moments when you realize you’ve forgotten your custom Phone Skope adapter. In these cases, it’s a savior. 

Brick and Mortar Availability

One of the best things about Phone Skope digiscoping gear is that it can be customized to so many of today’s popular optics. However, as mentioned, there are those instances when we get off without our optic adapter piece or for that matter, have a hard-to-fit, random set of binos that warrant a universal solution. While the Phone Skope online storefront is simple and smooth, big box stores like Bass Pro Shops often carry the universal adapter, making it even more accessible.

Multiple Optics

The universal adapter, attached to a compact set of binos. Leaving it affixed makes for quick viewing between locations.

Do you digiscope in multiple settings on the same excursion? I often do.

For example, there is long-range viewing such as vast fields and valleys, as well as closer up areas in thicker cover. For dedicated mobile digiscoping trips, I like to take both low and high-power binoculars. While I have a custom kit for my main optics, I maintain a universal adapter that works well with several others. I’m covered. The universal adapter gives me the flexibility to pair my phone camera with a wide array of optics.


Smooth in function, the universal adapter makes it easy to line up the phone with your optics. The connection is strong meaning, if you choose, you can keep it locked to your optics of choice.

Instructions for Use:

  • Press the lock button on the optic adapter back towards you to lock in place.
  • Attach Phone Skope case (Phone, Tablet, or GoPro case) to the optic adapter.
  • Press the lock button away from you to unlock universal optic adapter.
  • Slide universal adapter over the eyepiece of the optic.
  • To tighten the universal adapter to the scope, begin turning the adapter counter-clockwise until it is snug on the eyepiece.
  • When a desired fit is acquired, press the lock button back towards you to lock in place.


Digiscoping is a fun and productive activity and the simple gear involved is truly useful for the sportsman. While Phone Skope’s custom offerings are ideal for establishing your digiscoping game, there are good reasons for the hunter and outdoorsman to consider a universal solution in and of itself or as an additional alternative. 

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