What is Digiscoping Photography?

What is Digiscoping Photography Phone Skope
Digiscoping Photography

Lets start with Digiscoping: Digiscoping means to use a digital camera (like the one on your smart phone) to snap images at a distance with an optical telescope (spotting scope, telescope, rifle scope, binoculars, etc.) Digiscoping photography, also called spotting scope photography, is simply the act or process of taking pictures with your digital camera, through the lens of an optic telescope.

Can you remember the last time you were out hiking and tried pointing out something in the distance to your friends? You have them stand next to or behind you to try and line up their line of sight with yours. We’ve all been there and it’s terribly frustrating when people can’t see what you see! Or maybe you’ve seen deer or elk off in the distance, but your camera, especially your smart phone camera, just can’t quite capture the wildlife at that length. This is what digiscoping is for! 

How to Digiscope

How to Digiscope


Phone Skope makes it easy to digiscope with your smartphone. First, place your phone into the Phone Skope phone case. Next, fix optic adapter to the Phone Skope phone case. Now you can attach the Phone Skope adapter to your spotting scope. Start digiscoping, it’s that easy!  
Phone Skope Digiscope Photography 

Digiscoping for Hunting

Digiscoping has revolutionized hunting, adding ease to the task of scoping and spotting. Here’s what Taylor Albrecht, a professional hunting guide with High Top Outfitters, had to say about digiscoping. “My Phone Skope has changed the way that I share my scouting with our clients. While scouting I can quickly put my Phone Skope on my spotting scope or binos, take and send a picture. Within minutes or even seconds our clients can see what we are seeing. There is no more waiting to put the pictures or video on the computer to email to clients it all right there in the palm of your hand. Best of all the design is Quick, Quiet and Simple to use.” Learn more about Phone Skope for hunting here

Digiscoping for Astronomy (Stargazing)

Astronomy has also benefited by digiscoping. Where stargazers used to need special, expensive attachments and lenses to attach to their cameras – you can now simply attach the smartphone in your pocket to your telescope. Check out some great astronomy shots taken with Phone Skope, click here

Digiscoping for Birds (Birding)

Bird watching, also known as birding, is a widely appreciated pastime (or sport, as some people say). Again, photographing birds used to require advanced lenses and high quality cameras. Now anyone can capture beautiful birds with their own mobile device and scope. This also allows you to shed some weight (as well as cost) when birding. With Phone Skope, you can hike out to remote, hard-to-get-to areas and still be able to get magnificent pictures of birds (as well as other wildlife). For more on Digiscoping Birds, check out Bird Watchers Digest.

Digiscoping in Microbiology

Now we’re getting down to the science of digiscoping.. literally! With Phone Skope you can capture and record experiments conducted under a microscope. This technology makes it so much easier to convey medical and scientific findings to others. Just like the telescope, attaching the Phone Skope adapter to a microscope is very simple. To read more on Microbiology click here

So what is digiscoping photography? Simply put, it’s telescope / microscope photography – made easy with the use of your smartphone. Also known as Phone Skope.

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